9 Quick And Effective Copywriting Tips For Your Website

Unless you’re journalist and your visitors expect to see a lot of copy, todays minimalist websites require a more effective use of screen real-estate. These quick and easy tips for adapting your writing style will help you maximise on space:

1. Structure

You should be telling a story that begins with your reader and their requirements, ends with a call to action and in between, provides your Customer Value Proposition.

2. Layout

Headings, sub-headings, bullet points and infographics, should form a skeleton for the page.  Not only does this help your reader, who will likely scan on their first read and get the key messages quickly, it is also one of the basic requirements for Search Engine Optimisation.

3. Tone

Be conversational. Avoid a more formal style, as this can be dry and potentially hard to read. Try to avoid jargon, technical terms or acronyms. Using you, we and us will improve engagement and make the visitor feel that they are being addressed directly.

4. Be concise

Short, simple sentences, in  2 or 3 line paragraphs will make your copy easy to read and lighten the page.

5. Research

You want your content to be engaging, so keep it relevant and useful. Stay in tune with current events. If you know your audience, you’ll understand your market and its key drivers.

6. Customer Value Proposition

Demonstrate your understanding of what your reader’s challenges are and that you can provide a solution. Highlight areas where you are ahead of your competitors.

7. Use links sparingly

Providing helpful and relevant links can add value to your content but ensure the link text clearly indicates that you are linking to another source and open it in a new window. Using too many will distract the visitor from your website.

8. Be accurate

Don’t just rely on spelling and grammar checks, get your copy proof-read before it gets published. Recheck any facts or statistics.

9. Test and learn

Continually update and test your copy to see which delivers better results and engages with your audience best.