Get the most out of Google+

There’s been a fair bit of speculation about the demise of Google+ but you won’t hear anything negative from those already committed to it. Though is likely that there will be many changes to come, in its current guise, Google+ lends itself perfectly to smartphones and tablets. The ability to quickly select which circles to share with is just one of the stand-out features. If you’re not already on-board, with the Google brand behind it and an ever-increasing number of ways to leverage this platform, now is probably the perfect time to jump on.

Kwikturn Media posted this useful article by Ana Perez-Olave, which explains How to Take Advantage of the Features in Google+ and includes this eye-opening infographics.

Google business infographic

These are impressive numbers but how many of those users have fully adopted the platform, nobody can tell. However, you can’t ignore the fact that this is Google, the largest search engine by far. Getting your Google+ strategy right, will pay dividends on the SERPs, if nothing else. This post on HubSpot: A Few Quick SEO Wins Your Google+ Page Needs by Maggie Hibma, should help get you off the ground.

Once you’re onboard with Google+, you should start to extend your reach using the Google Authorship Program. Once you have validate yourself as an author content that you’ve written can easily be attributed. You may have heard of Google Authorship mark-up but you are unlikely to know how to get started with the program. Having created content in a number of places it can be hard to find all that you’ve contributed to. Google pulls all of that disparate information together into a helpful contributor page, so that you appear in Google’s SERP, as an author for your brand, closer to the top of the rankings. Richard O’flynn has put together this Beginners Guide to Google Authorship to help you on your way.

I for one, believe there’s a certain amount of inevitability to the success of Google+, even though there will undoubtedly be many revisions along the way.