What we do

A major challenge for any business manager is knowing when to delegate. An even greater challenge comes in finding people to delegate to. Specialist areas, such as accountancy and law, will almost certainly require external support but even the less complex, non-business related area such as cleaning & maintenance, can be better served by a specialist organisation.

At My Office Team, experience has taught us to prioritise core business roles and delegate, cost-effectively, in other areas. Years of dealing with suppliers from many industries, at every level, knowing when to shop around and when to stick with who you know, make us well placed to provide the kind of support layer that will enable your business to flourish. We have an extensive network of existing suppliers as well as a team dedicated to finding new ones.

Subscribing to one of our packages, gives direct access to a dedicated Team Manager. Whatever your requirements, whether you’re just too busy or maybe it’s in an area where you’re either not qualified or just not confident to tackle on your own, all you have to do is pick up the phone to your Team Manager and we’ll do the rest.

Each package includes an allowance for support, which is broken down into three areas: general advice, technical support and bespoke services.

General advice

Your Team Coach will always be on hand to offer general advice relating to overall business management, regular updates with guidance on changes to relevant legislation and taxation, as well as finding new suppliers or service providers.

Technical support

More specific advice relating to a particular area or issue, that might require the guidance of a dedicated professional, such as an employment lawyer.

Bespoke services

Specialist advice, from a third-party, that relates to an ongoing technical support issue.